Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adoption Rocks Final Sale

Meet my gorgeous (and oh so kissable) niece, Lydia and my good friend's adorable son, Grady.
Their mamas bought these shirts for them before they were born and they now FIT! Are they not the most amazing little models ever?!?!

In honor of their cuteness and my limited stock, I am hosting a BLOW OUT SALE!
Men's XL - $10 each
Youth Sizes - $8 each
Infant Sizes - $7 each

I have a small amount of shirts left and I want to sell them! Every penny you pay for the shirts go toward helping us bring our daughter Harper home!
Please go on and SHOP!

** P.S. I will not be reordering these shirts. I have a very limited stock and will try to
keep on top of all orders. I have a couple of sizes that have ONE shirt left so please be patient
with me if I run out before I can change the button. **



Anonymous said...

I know it's been MONTHS since you posted this, but do you happen to have any of your shirts left? I'm working on a quilt made out of adoption shirts, so if you have any left (in any size), I would love to purchase one. Thanks!

A&W said...

Do you still have any tees left? My son's shirt size is 2T or 3T, so do you have anything that would fit a two year old left?