Saturday, November 15, 2008

Microloan Cards

(This is the front and back of the card.)

Eastside Women of Purpose are selling Microloan Cards again before Christmas. They are $25 a piece (or you can feel free to pay more for them). We sold these cards last year and 30 girls were freed from the sex industry in Pattaya, Thailand because of it. 30 WOMEN!!

It costs a little bit more than $100 for a girl in Pattaya, Thailand to start her OWN business and be freed from the sex industry. Some are slaves, some are their because of their economic status, some were tricked into this life, some were born into it... I believe that these young women deserve a chance to start life anew. I believe that they deserve the opportunity to live without oppression, without being forced to have sex with between 5 a 30 men a day. I believe that through business training and mentorship, and a low interest microloan, these women can succeed in truly LIVING! The other cool part is that the after the women pay the loan back, the money is recycled and given to another candidate from the training program. Your money can help countless women!

I know that I often feel like problems like Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery are impossible for me to fix. That's true. But it is not impossible for all of us to gather together and make a difference. I love these cards because they offer girls who are treated as commodity hope... instead of spending my money on just another gift, I can put it towards something that matters... someones LIFE. I feel that it is my duty to help other women that were not given the same chances and opportunities that I have been given.

Please consider joining me in helping. I know that there are a lot of worthy causes out there. If not this project, please give to SOMETHING. We CAN make a difference in someones life. I love this particular project because we have the opportunity to track where our money is going and actually see (and soon meet) the people we've helped. Pretty cool.

So... if you are interested in purchasing a card (or more), please comment and include your email address. I will send these cards to you and you can mail a check to me. The cards fit into a standard envelope or can be wrapped up as a gift.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yay! Jesse's BACK and we are all SO excited. It's funny how we just didn't operate as well without him around. The boys were clingy... I missed laughing with him and at him... I feel like I can exhale now... I know that it sounds mushy, but it's nice to know that we are still crazy about each other after being together 11 years (8 married).

Friday, November 7, 2008

Eastside Women of Purpose Dessert and Movie Night

We are having a Movie and Dessert Night
on THURSDAY, November 13th at 7:30pm
at Amy Cheng's House in Sammamish!

If you are an Eastside Women of Purpose member
(and for some reason didn't get the invitation)
or would be interested in learning more about Human Trafficking,
please comment on this posting and include your email address!
We would love for you to join us.
(Feel free to bring a friend.)

Please Note: The dessert above will NOT be at our event. But it looks delish, doesn't it?)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Pledge of Allegiance by Liam Butterworth

Liam started preschool this year and LOVES it. I know that he has been learning a ton but he has what we call, "School Amnesia" - he can't remember anything that he has done from the hours of 9am to 12pm. But as we were driving home from school yesterday, he started reciting The Pledge. I have to admit that I got a little bit choked up. It has never sounded so poignant and beautiful... and hilarious!