Friday, September 26, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Birthday Party Pictures ala Amy and Joe Cheng (Photographers and Party Guests)

My friend Amy was gracious enough to bring her camera (and talent) to the birthday party. Here is a sampling of what she caught. There are some really amazing shots. Thank you Amy!!

Liam opening presents with his Buddy Andrew by his side.

Levi Swinging Pirate Style

Getting ready to open the presents...

The Treasure Map that Gaga made.
Thank you Gaga!
Lord knows I am not an artist.

Liam eyeing his "Dead Man Cupcakes" and candles.
I love the look on his face here. He looks like he was really excited about the cupcakes.
He shared with me later that the only thing he really wanted was a big cake.
Will someone remind me of this next year?

The Dead Man Cupcakes
Amy made them look way cooler than they really were.

Finn on Papa's shoulders... holding on for dear life.

Amy carrying her little pirate, Noah.

Captain Liam and his crew

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Liam's Pirate Birthday Party

We celebrated Liam's 4th in full pirate style on Saturday. We had a small party with a few friends at the nearby park. I am a big fan of not having the party at our house because of the clean up and the park was the cheapest and best option yet. The boys were SO cute in their pirate gear and seemed to have a good time. I caught a few cute shots but I am hoping that my other friends with cameras will send through some more (hint hint)...

Finn had a nice time with the bigger boys. He is trying to launch a cannon ball in this shot...

We had a treasure hunt. The boys were super cute about following the beautiful map that my mom designed (thanks Mom) straight to the "not really buried but out of plain sight" treasure.

Their little outfits were so cute!

Here is little Levi... he was the most dedicated to the look.

Little Andrew

Silly Simmy

Precious Noah - (not into the costume)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Sweet Shots

Jesse felt a little jealous that he wasn't in any of Liam's first day of school shots.
So we took some sweet 2nd day of school shots. Pretty cute.

Liam and Finn in the tub. I have a lot of these shots. I think that it's because it's the only time
that I can get them to stay still enough to take pictures of both of them...
and the confinement helps too...

Liam did this to himself. He knows it's good for a huge laugh in our house. Funny kid.

Crap! This one just makes me laugh. I swear that he doesn't walk around looking
like this regularly. I am totally laughing right now.

My little doll baby. Liam and Dada worked on this "Jack Jack" look for Finn.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One More Thing...

It felt REALLY, REALLY good to go home with one child. I am really looking forward to this time. I will willingly admit it.

Liam's 4th Birthday and 1st Day of School

Today was a big day at our house. Our first born son turned 4 and started Preschool (all on the same day). I anticipated being emotional but was surprisingly ok. He was REALLY ready to go to school and SO excited. I think that this helped a lot. He was really so stinkin' cute!

Liam on the way to school.

Liam's "Silly Face"

The long walk into the building. He picked out this
super awesome Spiderman Backpack!

He walked right in and started playing. You can see how excited he was.

Jesse and I picked him up at noon and went to his favorite place, McDonalds.
(I know that many of you are judging me :) I can't help it. Well I guess that I could but he REALLY loves the Star Wars toys. Now you are judging me again. Yes, he has seen a little bit of Star Wars. His father showed it to him when I was gone. OK?)

He had a great time and was beaming when we picked him up. He said that he had fun and that his teacher was nice. He is going to love it. I hope that he loves school as long as I did. I can't believe that I have such a big boy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Human Trafficking Dateline

"An estimated 600,000 - 800,000 are trafficked across international borders each year...further it is not limited to SE Asia. Seattle is #2 in the US and play host to many types of trafficking, both domestic and international." These women and children, some as young as 5 years old are held prisoners in brothels and sold into sex slavery. They DO NOT have a choice, WE do. DO SOMETHING!!