Sunday, June 6, 2010

Waiting to join the Waiting Parents

Adoption Update:

Jesse and I are ALMOST done with our Home Study! We finished meeting with our Social Worker (who was absolutely wonderful and will be such a wonderful resource once we bring our baby girl home) and we are now waiting for her to write her report. After she finishes her report, we will add it to the rest of our Home Study documents and then add the Home Study to our Dossier (yikes - that's a lot) and we will then be added to the Waiting Parents List!

Once we are added to the list, there will be A LOT of waiting. Waiting and waiting and waiting. We will be waiting for about 8-12 months. Whew. I can hardly take it....

I hope that one day, our daughter will be able to absorb how very much we want and already love her. Please hurry home.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Mamaform

I just realized that I wear the same outfit almost every day. It's like a uniform but I have renamed it the "Mamaform." It's my go-to outfit.

(On my way to Thailand.)

I live in a Hoodie/Sweatshirt, jeans and converse. Please give me a tiny bit of credit right now - I don't wear the exact same combo every day. I mix and match. When I say mix and match you should know that I wear the same three sweatshirts all week with different t-shirts underneath. I am modeling them here.

(At a friends house for dinner.)

Is this weird? I guess that it could be worse... Do you have a Momaform that gets you through the week?

(On a Memorial Day walk.)