Friday, September 17, 2010

The Playground

If you live in the Seattle area, get tickets for this movie RIGHT AWAY. If you do not live in Seattle, find out where you can go for a viewing. This movie is about the sexual exploitation of young girls throughout the US and needs to be seen.

Follow this link below and buy your ticket.

Click on the Trailer Link if you would like to watch a preview of the movie.

(This has some mature content so please watch who you are viewing this with.)

If in Seattle, BUY YOUR TICKETS here:

(Let me know if you would like to carpool with a group of us!)

(Mature subject matter. Watch on your own before deciding whether to show your kids.)

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Tis the season... BOTH of my boys are now is school for a 1/2 day. Soccer season has started. Bible Study is back on. Eastside Women of Purpose is gearing back up for another fundraiser. Jesse's job is keeping him very busy. The boys have a few misc. activities. The HOLIDAYS are fast approaching. (Christmas has already arrived at Costco.) It can all start to feel a bit overwhelming... or a lot. I may be hyperventilating right now.

I so appreciated the post by Emily at Jones Design Company. She recently blogged about "Time" and how she runs her own business, has four kids, home schools, etc. Click HERE to read her entry and then take some time to explore her website. SUPER fun stuff. Check it out.