Sunday, December 14, 2008

Words from Liam

Liam has been particularly hilarious lately (and also started "back talking" me - but that's another post). He has been experimenting with phrases and sayings that he hears.

Here is something that he said a couple of weeks ago while at church with Jesse. The worship team had just finished sound checking and he decided that he wanted their attention. He shouted,

"Hey everybody! Listen up! Do what you do - but DO NOT go potty in the pants!"

Liam and I were sitting at the table eating lunch a few days ago. We were having a stranger than normal conversation. He was saying things like...

"Mama. I wish my name was Joel. Why didn't you name me Joel."

"Mama. How tall are you?"
I answered, "5'3"."
Liam shakes his head and looks at me like I might be crazy and says, "Weird."

Yes Liam, that is weird...


Sadie said...

This is so AWESOME!! Tell Liam I wholeheartedly agree, I feel like the ONLY words out of my mouth as of late are..."do what you do, but DO NOT go potty in the pants!" :)

Kellyn and Joe said...

I just wanted to say that your blog is really cute. Oh and that I agree with Liam, I think it's weird you're 5'3''.

Jodie Howerton said...

Liam is hilarious. Look out, world!