Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sweet Lord

I was just tagged on facebook in maybe the MOST unflattering shot ever. I almost cried. I am sure that you can see why. No, I'm not 8 months pregnant. I swear that I was just twisted into some strange "super fat" position.

I am laughing now, thanks to my Liam.

I was looking at the shot and my ever inquistive 4 year old comes up to see what I'm gasping about. He points at me and says,

"Mama. Who is that?"

"That's Mama."

"No. That's your head, but who's body is that?"

Awesome. I am deciding to take that to mean that I don't normally look that HORRIBLE! If I do, please don't tell me. I am all for a healthy little lie like, "Oh my gosh, you totally look way thinner than that normally."

I am very thankful for another "before" picture. And don't worry, I've untagged myself on facebook already. I'm hoping that people will have the same reaction as Liam did.

Gosh, how did Marisa's head get on that pregnant woman's body? Must be that darn computer magic again!


kennedy said...

Here's the words that have been running through my head as I stress eat and simultaneous resent myself for keeping on the extra weight from my last pregnancy...this is a phrase my sister coined a long time ago, and should think about trademarking: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." It's true. Make it your own. I love you. You'll be back in your grandmother's vintage dresses in time for the Houseblend revival concert, you sassy little thing.

Erin said...

I totally feel you hon- there are a few pictures of me that I look at and think "who is that? Can't be me!". As for Facebook, I must figure out how to untag myself because I got tagged in some SCARY junior high photos!

neely said...

lucky for me i could hide behind other people...Just imagine next christmas. skinny me, skinny you and new moon!

Cheryl said...

Remember the camera always adds like 10 pounds so you're good! :)

Amy Cheng said...

hahahah. I'm cracking up. Marisa, that really does NOT look like you. Liam was so right. That's hilarious that he said that.

Amy Cheng said...

and btw, did you see that your google ads are now about weight loss? :)

Kara H said...

Oh, I feel you on the Facebook tagging madness! I now find myself scanning a room while at a function to scope out who is holding a camera, and if they are a crazy-facebooking-photo-poster with "poor photogenic selectivity disease"!!! Ugh. I too have had horrifying tagging incidences, and I feel your pain! Thank goodness for the "un-tag" feature!

Sadie said...

And these are the times that we are thankful kids are so brutaly honest. Liam is right, I recall seeing this on FB and thinking, who is that - truly!