Saturday, March 21, 2009

WW Update.

I am still going on Weight Watchers! It's a minor miracle. Seriously. Haven't you been dying to know?!? ha ha.

I actually just started week 12 and have lost 17.6 lbs... this will mean that I have been doing it for three months. Three months means something to me. I have really wanted to give up a total of one time (and kind of wanted to take a break for a day a few times) but I didn't. I've been asking myself why I haven't stopped yet. There ISN'T any instant gratification and while I've lost a considerable amount, I haven't even hit a half way point. I am down one size but I kind of thought that I would be close to being down two sizes by now. But something in me wants to keep going. Here's what I've got at this point...

1) Accountability. My husband is doing WW and I try to attend meetings with a friend. We can talk each other through ups and downs and encourage each other to keep going. (It also helps that she threatens to un-friend me if I stop. How's that for motivation.) Read my friend Jodie's blog entry on "The Case for Accountability."

2) Energy. I'm starting to have more energy. This is coming from eating foods that are great for me, taking my vitamins and EXERCISE. I have realized from past attempts and regular exercise that I get BORED really easily. So this time I am mixing it up. I am taking new classes. I don't go to the same class every time. I am trying to challenge myself. This is leading to a few more Advil but more energy!

3) Fit. My clothes are starting to fit a little bit better. I am down a size. I am starting to look like I'm only a few months pregnant verses 7-8 months prego with twins. I have a long way to go but things are looking up. (To clarify... some parts aren't looking up but that is thanks to nursing and I am trying to get past it.)

I've really been enjoying a couple of new found foods lately.

I LOVE Oroweat's Double Fiber English Muffins. They are packed with fiber and only ONE point for the whole thing. I have also been getting Laughing Cow's Light Creamy Swiss Cheese Wedges (1 pt. per wedge) on top. Soooo creamy and delish. The Laughing Cow cheese can be pretty spendy at certain stores ($5.99) but I found a four pack at Costco for around $8. GREAT deal!

100 Calorie Packs as a treat. ANYTHING with chocolate. (Mint Milano's and Chocolate Covered Pretzels are my faves.)

Homemade Smoothies... 1 c. of fat free, plain yogurt; 1 c. of frozen berries; 1/2 banana; 1/4 c. or light vanilla soy; sweetener of your choice (been using two packs of Truvia). Blend until smooth. Delish! 4.5 pts. and VERY filling. Keeps me full and satisfied for a good 2-3 hours.


Cheryl said...

Good for you Marisa!! I'm proud of you for sticking with it. Actually i learned from the doctor that it's not so much nursing that causes them not to perk up but gravity and poor fitting bras. just thought I'd pass that info on. :) also I just noticed your blog url is mrssyrup. lol That's great I love it!

neely said...

Sounds like a great friend!

Jodie Howerton said...

You rock. You. Seriously. Rock.

Way to GO!! You made me laugh at least 4 times in this post. Well written! I SO wish the "girls" would perk back up through diet and far, I'm having NO luck!

Angel said...

Great job, Marisa! I'll be getting ahold of you for encouragement when it's time for me to start shedding the pounds. You look great(in my opinion you always have)!!

Ashley Julian said...

Way to go, Marisa! I'm impressed that you have stuck with it for 3 months...not because I didn't think you could do it but because I've never stuck with a consistent eating or exercise plan for longer than 3 weeks!

Lindsey said...

Ok, first of all, you have never-as long as I've known you-looked like you were 7-8 months pregnant with twins!! I should know, since I was 10 months ago!!

Second, good for you!! Aren't you so proud of yourself?

Keep up the good work!!