Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LUCKY # 83


We just found out that we are officially on the Waiting Family List with our adoption agency, All God's Children, International! It is a little bit bittersweet to be #83. We've been working so hard to get on the list but 83 sounds a little bit daunting and like a REALLY long wait. Our timeline for our baby girl has been pushed back even further. BUT, I am clinging to God's perfect timing and trying to relinquish my strong desire to micromanage and control (because I have none).

In the meantime, please join us in praying for our daughter. She is most likely still in her mother's womb. Please pray for her birth mother, for nourishment and care. Pray for her mama as she does her best to care for her. It is incredibly emotional to think about the painful future that they have in store that will eventually lead to our adopting her daughter. It feels like I know something that they don't. I am sure that sounds weird...

And PLEASE pray that we move up the list FAST!!!!


Kristi J said...

yayy, congrats!! it will go faster than you think!! :) kj

Ashley Julian said...

wow! and yay for being on "the list"!