Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The #76 SALE!!!

We just found out that we have moved up on the Waiting Family List! We have moved from #83 to #76! We still have a long wait before we are able to bring our Baby Girl home from Ethiopia, but I'm encouraged and excited to be in the 70's.

In honor of our jump into the 70's, I am hosting an Adoption Rocks Gear SALE through Friday evening! All T-Shirts have been marked down by $3!!! Sizes have become more limited but I am sure that you can find something. :) Please note that the Tote Bags are NOT on sale at this time.

If you live in Seattle, comment and we can figure out how to get you your gear without paying for shipping.

SPREAD THE WORD! These make great gifts and shows your support to all the adoptive families out there. Our little family appreciates your help and I ship anywhere in the US!


liv said...

Congrats on being in the 70's!

Mike and Sarah Stiltner said...

76 is my FAVORITE number- because that was our first number on the wait list! :-) Feels good to keep moving down!


Darcee said...

Wehooooooo! CONGRATS! :)