Monday, August 10, 2009

Hawaii, Summer Fun and Birthday Parties

We have had a great summer filled with a lot of playing, travelling and being with family. I am going to try to control the amount of pictures I put on here... This is just a sampling... enough to leave you wanting more. ha.

I had the chance to watch the McQueen boys and my boys for a few hours and we had a blast. (shockingly.) We went on a walk to the library and visited the grocery store for emergency cookies at the bakery. The boys were great and SO CUTE.
(Yes, Liam IS wearing a tie and bow tie. He has his own personal sense of fashion).

A little backyard baseball with Dada.

Fun on the skateboard. Again... strainer by Liam.

We had SO much fun in Hawaii. Here are a few shots of the boys and their cousin Landon (they call him "Lando"... adorable!

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