Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adoption Update/My Journal of Lameness

I spent most of Friday as an anxious ball of mess. Our next step in our adoption process was to come up with a considerable amount of cash and as usual, I quickly turned to a doubtful mindset. I insist on tormenting myself and making mental lists of all the reasons that we are unworthy of help. (It's really quite long). I am ridiculously quick to put aside all of the times we have miraculously been provided for. (But if you need a pep talk, I can totally give you a great one!)

Without boring you with all the details, I will let you know what transpired!
  1. We got a LOAN! We even got a decent interest rate :)
  2. My heart rate slowed.... I let myself breathe again.
  3. The same bank that gave us the loan notarized all of our documentation for FREE! Nice.
  4. My boys didn't demolish the bank... Yes, Liam had the NASTIEST gas EVER. Yes, Finn pooped in his diaper while we were waiting and smelled up their tiny office. Yes, my boys almost ate them out of lollypops. Yes, they harrassed other bankers. It could have been WAY worse...
  5. We mailed the packet off and now await our notebook full of all of the Home Study/Dossier info.
  6. I realize how great it is that I am NOT in control of this process and once again try to turn things over to the God who is...

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