Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blazer Game, Fishing and Salamander John

Liam had a big week at my parent's house and topped it off with a Blazer Game with his Papa and a last minute fishing trip. Pure - boy - heaven.

Papa took Liam to get his face painted in Blazer style.
We are calling it his Rip City Chimney Sweep Look

Liam caught three HUGE fish this morning.
He brought them home for me to cook (yeah, right).
He also brought home his new "pet" named,
Salamander John.
Liam was more than happy to show us his new smile face. Nice...

Salamander John being kept company by four worms.
Salamander John really loved Liam.
He didn't run away when Liam put him down.
He would just stand there and let Liam pet him.
We left Salamander John behind in Oregon.
We are a house in mourning.

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Ashley Julian said...

Oh, he's so cute!!!!