Monday, April 12, 2010

We are SO close!!!

We are almost finished with the paperwork side of our Home Study and Dossier! We are waiting on a letter from our bank and our FBI background check. After this, we will be paid a visit by a Social Worker. Once we pass that, our Dossier and Home Study will be FINISHED and we will be added to the Waiting Parent list!! I am clinging to that today as it feels difficult to wait on others to do their job.

I also may or may not have purchased our sweet daughter these shoes. Yes, they are pink patent leather and they have a bow. I couldn't help myself! I needed a little "this is for real" boost in the midst of paperwork.


Christina Lang said...

Our social worker will be here in about a week to start our home study process. I know exactly how you feel. I bought a girly painting at Costco last week for the girl's room. There is nothing in there but gym equipment right now, but I too, wanted to know this is for real!! We are excited to get our Adoption Rocks gear. Thanks!

V said...

we are with AGCI and just found your blog :) Little things like that make it so real!

The Bentley's said...

I totally did that too. I bought a little girl outfit to remind myself during the craziness of paperwork why I am doing this. So nice to have a little pink after 2 boys =)