Wednesday, May 28, 2008

After My Last Blog...

I googled Fiber One Bars to see if anyone might be having the same problems... Here is what I found. They are so hilarious that I felt that I needed to post them. These are comments from another blog about the bars...

Has anyone experienced excess bloating and gas after eating the bars? I did not know if the large amount of fiber would cause these side effects. I love the taste ! Just don’t care for the aftermath. Also have I mentioned how much I love this site, thanks for all your hard work you put into it, Roni.

Cyndy — my sister and I noticed this, too. The bars are great, but in my honest opinion, they are not worth the aftermath… definitely waaay too much fiber!

Love the taste and they keep me very full. Unfortunately, they cause so much gas that my wife and I refer to them as Fart Bars. Some of this gas is very painful. My wife who is not prone to gas, even on her regular (extreme) high fiber diet, has excessive and uncomfortable gas. Be careful, especially if you have one before work!

I agree with the gas problem with these bars. I just about ran the family out of the house. It was truly embarrasing!! The bars are delicious but make sure you are alone after eating one.

I agree with these being SO yummy, but the description of these being “Fart Bars” is so true! I didn’t get the pain or bloating, but oh my was I gassy. They are so worth it, so I think I’ll just stick to them on the weekends and evenings.

Apparently these "fart bars" have a reputation! Lisa commented that I should only eat half of one but I do NOT have the self control to eat only half a bar and I have have had the same nasty gas with just one bar! I commend your self control!

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Sadie Arnold said...

Crying...this is too funny! Thanks for the entertainment! :)