Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Thumb at All...

Here I go again... trying to pretend that I am a gardener. It is really wonderful out today and I felt like this was a good time to do some of my "improvisational gardening."I love the feel of being in a beautiful garden. I love fresh flowers and would love to be able to go outside to cut my own. But I am a crappy gardener. I always start out with great intentions but things seem to go wrong. I have even bought cute gardening gear for myself in hopes that it will motivate me to go get some work done. Here is a small list naming why I seem to kill things:

1) I forget to water the plants - especially on really hot days.
2) I buy the wrong plants for my backyard.
3) I plant them in the wrong spots.
4) I rarely fertilize.
5) I get lazy.
6) I tell people that my soil is bad but I think that I am just clueless.
7) I never cut my roses back in before winter - or ever.
8) I have kids.
9) I can't seem to motivate my husband to do all the work for me.
10) I would love to say that I am super busy and rarely home. While I do have my hands full, I could probably still make it out there.

I just went to Home Depot today and bought some plants for my containers. I seem to have better luck with soil that fertilizes for me and there isn't the weed problem. Plus, the flowers are just so pretty from my kitchen. I am also planting a pot for a little herb garden. I am thinking that maybe I should try a container garden since so much of the work is done for me there. Who knows. Who cares. Are you still reading this? This is a pretty boring and random blog.

Well, here is a picture of a couple of containers I did today. Nothing amazing but I think that they will grow up to be pretty. Maybe I will figure out how to garden when my boys are grown... or maybe I will be able to hire a gardener by then!

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Amy Cheng said...

I think those containers look fantastic! I especially like the tall purple spikey thing. See...I also am a "pretend" gardener. :) From what I've heard, gardening is a learned hobby that takes lots of practice. So, if we're 50 and still not good, then we should worry. Keep practicing.