Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finn is Crawling!!

I don't have a picture of it yet, but Finn started crawling tonight while we were at our neighbor's house! I will video it in the morning! He has been standing up everywhere and climbing stairs (two so far) and he has fallen a ton. But it doesn't really seem to phase him... He is really tough. I am also really tired today and realized that it is not just because he was up every two hours last night! He is into everything and I spent my day following him and redirecting him (to no avail). He has even tried putting his fingers in the outlets. I also found a renegade penny in his mouth this afternoon and then felt very inspired to clean up and vacuum. Liam was not like this... I am in serious trouble!!

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Ashley Julian said...

Congrats Finn!
I know what you mean about the being into everything. Sophia has figured out how to open cabinets and drawers. A few days ago I found her putting her hands in the toilet after one of her sisters left some fresh pooh in it and forgot to flush and close the lid!