Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Sweet Shots

Jesse felt a little jealous that he wasn't in any of Liam's first day of school shots.
So we took some sweet 2nd day of school shots. Pretty cute.

Liam and Finn in the tub. I have a lot of these shots. I think that it's because it's the only time
that I can get them to stay still enough to take pictures of both of them...
and the confinement helps too...

Liam did this to himself. He knows it's good for a huge laugh in our house. Funny kid.

Crap! This one just makes me laugh. I swear that he doesn't walk around looking
like this regularly. I am totally laughing right now.

My little doll baby. Liam and Dada worked on this "Jack Jack" look for Finn.


Sadie said...

So cute! You know they always say you have a twin in the least Finn and Greyson don't have to look far! :)

Carlee Avery said...

I want to kiss that little face right now!!

cheryl said...

super cute! My has Finn grown since I left. :( so sad!

Ashley Julian said...

i've got to say it...i think your quite the photographer, Marisa!

Seriously, my friends have the cutest kids in the world.