Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Birthday Party Pictures ala Amy and Joe Cheng (Photographers and Party Guests)

My friend Amy was gracious enough to bring her camera (and talent) to the birthday party. Here is a sampling of what she caught. There are some really amazing shots. Thank you Amy!!

Liam opening presents with his Buddy Andrew by his side.

Levi Swinging Pirate Style

Getting ready to open the presents...

The Treasure Map that Gaga made.
Thank you Gaga!
Lord knows I am not an artist.

Liam eyeing his "Dead Man Cupcakes" and candles.
I love the look on his face here. He looks like he was really excited about the cupcakes.
He shared with me later that the only thing he really wanted was a big cake.
Will someone remind me of this next year?

The Dead Man Cupcakes
Amy made them look way cooler than they really were.

Finn on Papa's shoulders... holding on for dear life.

Amy carrying her little pirate, Noah.

Captain Liam and his crew


Amy Cheng said...

Actually, Joe, my husband took most of those pictures. I only took the inanimate ones. haha. Wish I could take credit. He captured some perfect moments, huh? I LOVE Liam and Andrew opening the present, and Liam's sweet face looking at the candles.

Ashley Julian said...

great pictures!

Lisa said...

i love everything amy (and also her husband) take pictures of. so talented.

looks like a really fun party!

Kellyn and Joe said...

The one in the swing is perfect. Absolutely perfect.