Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Amy Grant Concert!!

I had a chance to go to see the Amy Grant "Lead Me On'' Reunion tour last night.
My wonderful husband asked for tickets and backstage passes for me to go with some friends.
(I am SO sorry to all of my friends that are Amy fans that I couldn't invite, by the way...)
It was a GREAT birthday present as anyone who knows me has heard me talk about how I believe that Amy might be my long lost older sister.

1) So... we at dinner backstage.
2) We stalked Amy upstairs in the green room (code for lots of childish giggling).
3) We had great seats.
4) We all got in trouble with some lady for standing up during a song. Yes, she sure was awesome. Have you ever heard of NOT standing during a rockin 80's flashback concert?
5) We went back for the meet and greet with her after the show.
6) Oh! She also put on a really good live show...

It was so great!

Neely and I posing before meeting her.
Yes, we are happy and realize that we are totally dorky.
But nothing says,
"I'm a crazy fan who is mildly obsessed and still remembers your songs from
20+ years ago because I might still listen to them privately,"
quite like the shot below...

Don't we look like great friends? I realize how completely dorky I look but you must realize how excited I was. My dear friend Neely made me take this with her and I will never forget it.

It must be mentioned that when it was our turn to have our picture taken with Amy, Jodie and Neely were in the prime position to stand next to her. Dear, sweet Neely (have you ever been called that?) moved over so that I could stand next to her.
It was very, very sweet and means a lot to me...

For some reason I cannot get this picture to center and cannot type below it!

We all ate with the crew and musicians and
made one of the crew members take our picture.
Can you see how excited we all are?


Lindsey said...

Absolutely GREEN with ENVY!!!! UGH!! We were there last night for our lifegroup and it was KILLING me that I was not down the hall at the concert instead! Please put me on the cool friends list next time!! Hee hee!

neely said...

dear and sweet are definitely new to me...but i will be expecting a payback at the NKOTB concert!!

Carlee Avery said...

Jealous!! :)

Ashley Julian said...

Me too...jealous!

kennedy said...

I'm happier for you than if I were there to receive Amy Time myself. Thanks for the blog and the pics. You radiate Amy goodness.