Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's Pumpkin Patch Time Again!

We went with Liam's Preschool to Remlinger Farms.
We all had a great time and both boys loved all of the toddler rides.
We caught this great picture of (from left) Jadyn, Jed, Finn, Sim, and Liam.

Sim and Liam on the Ferris Wheel for kids.

Liam and Jed on the Merry Go Round

I'm pretty sure that Jesse liked the Giant Pumpkin ride more than the kids.

It was kind of raining off and on but still a beautiful fall day.
The trees are beautiful right now and Liam looks adorable.

The boys riding the train.

Finn had a great day but was completely wiped out by the end.
This is how he looked just minutes after getting in the car.


kennedy said...

this looks slightly more successful than last year's trip to the pumpkin patch...remember that? drenched in the rain, the power goes out and we can't even buy the pumpkins! I'll never forget it, though. :)

Carlee Avery said...

Ummmm...not quite sure what to say about your budding artist!