Monday, March 15, 2010


I am been overwhelmed with my life lately. Jesse and I have entered into the process of adoption and there is A LOT of paperwork. I have had friends go through this process but you don't know how much there is to do until you jump in yourself. (I consequently have a lot of respect for the families that have gone before me.) I run a non-profit group and for lack of a better term, I am "managing/overseeing" a golf tournament in addition to regular group tasks. I am also on a Planning Team and have a lot to do to prepare for a Women's Event at our church. On top of all of that, I am trying to be a pretty good (I've let go of being great for this season) mom and wife. I believe some women would probably thrive with all of this, but I am not.

I made myself take a break from a few things over the weekend. (I say this loosely because I did send a few emails and finished filling out one teesy piece of paperwork for our Home Study.) I instead cleaned the house and folded clothing and sorted thousands of tiny socks for what seemed like an eternity. I hung out with my boys and husband and did a little cooking on the side. I went to dinner and a movie with some friends.

I never really felt like I let myself relax though. If I wasn't thinking of all I needed to do during the day, I was dreaming about it at night.

So I am putting this out there to you, my two readers... How do you turn your mind off? How do you relax? Do you take a weekend? Is that possible when you are a mother? I would love to hear your thoughts or advice if you have any!


Cheryl said...

I take a hot bath in candlelight. It works great for relaxing and stopping the mind. Or I go out for coffee and watch people. Love doing that. It's stuff though. But yes a mom should be able to go away for a weekend and relax! You have to take care of your self so you can take care of the kids and hubby. If you run yourself to the ground you are of no use to anyone. :)

Anonymous said...

I read fluffy novels, like Nicholas Sparks or even Jodi Picoult I like a lot too. I read a chapter before going to bed. I cannot turn my brain off and am constantly analyzing everything. By 'diving into a book' my mind just escapes from MY life and I get into another world. It really does work for me, surprisingly. I was never a reader, but now I am. Costco always has great novels. And don't be afraid to leave the boys with Jesse and get out on a Saturday and go hit up Ross, or a starbucks, or even the grocery store. Venting and confiding openly with my girlfriends helps too. And if course, surrendering in prayer and asking Gid to lift anxiety from the spirit and to lay out my days in a way that I can handle it and cutting out things that aren't right for me right now. Those are my ways of escaping:)