Saturday, March 6, 2010

My FAVE Weight Watcher Friendly Hot Chocolate

I am a BIG chocolate fan - I mean REALLY big. I LOVE all things chocolate and have it in some form just about every day. My mouth is seriously watering right now. I have problems.

One of my favorite comfort drinks is real hot chocolate (click HERE to buy my favorite, slave-free kind). I do let myself occasionally indulge these days but have found a suitable alternative for those ever frequent, "I ate myself out of points" days. This recipe is a variation on a Hungry Girl recipe. (If you don't know who Hungry Girl is, you should check her out).

* 1 Package of Swiss Miss "Sensible Sweets" Diet Hot Cocoa Mix (Pretty great on its own but not chocolaty enough for me).
* 2 Teaspoons of Cocoa Powder (Go Fair Trade or Organic if you can help it!!)
* 2 Teaspoons of Sugar Free, French Vanilla, Non-dairy Powdered Creamer
* 1 Teaspoon of chocolate chips (I use mini chocolate chips)
(Go Fair Trade or Organic if you can help it!!)

* Fat Free Redi-Whip (Only 5 calories per 2 Tablespoons and pure heaven)
* 20 Marshmallows

1) Boil Water
2) Grab a mug and pour the first four ingredients into mug.
3) Pour water into mug and stir. (I would suggest waiting for a few seconds to let the chocolate chips melt, and then give it a good stir again).
4) Cover in Redi-Whip and your 20 marshmallows and ENJOY!!

On another note... I am really passionate about STOPPING Human Trafficking. Did you know that at least 50% of your cocoa is produced by slaves and that 70% of all cocoa beans bought by the US are grown on the Ivory Coast of West Africa and harvested by slaves? Interested in learning how to make a difference? Check THIS site out or visit my friend Amy's BLOG to read more about it.

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