Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eastside Women of Purpose MEETING UPDATE

Our next Eastside Women of Purpose meeting will be...

SUNDAY, AUGUST 3rd at 9:30am
in the OCC Music Suite's Choir Room

We will have all the information you can dream of about our upcoming Charity Golf Tournament called, "TEE OFF AGAINST TRAFFICKING" taking place at Willows Run in Redmond on October 5th at 2pm. We will be having a little sales training, you can sign up to play (or sign someone else up) and spend a little time on our website! It is almost done but you can check it out at

Be ready to laugh and work hard - be ready to meet some really cool women with similar passions - we move fast - we are making a difference - I want to see you there!

(I know that the weather has been really nice and it is hard to want to put your church-ish clothes on to come to a meeting. I know that you want to go and have brunch somewhere and sit out on the patio and soak in the glorious rays of sun. So... don't put on your church-ish clothes and go to brunch on Saturday morning instead of Sunday and head over to our EWOP meeting instead! We get done around 10:45... there is still plenty of sun left after that! You will be glad that you did it.)

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