Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wine, Chocolate, Shoes and a People Magazine

I have been dealing with a little bit of anxiety the past few days... I have had a lot on my plate lately and I have been guilty of not taking great care of myself. I took a day off yesterday and feel better today but I did a little bit of - I don't know what to call it - maybe damage - maybe retail therapy - at Target on Friday afternoon.

When the boys went down to take a nap, I told Jesse that I needed a little time to myself and just drove... I ended up at Target. I walked around aimlessly for a while and picked up a few things that I felt like I needed. I checked out and drove home feeling a tiny bit better. I bought a box of 100 calorie a pack mini Swedish fish at Target and decided to enjoy a few on the way home. I ate and thought about everything that I need to get done and when I finally stopped at a light, I looked down and saw that three mini Swedish fish bags were opened and empty. Mmm... that's funny. I only remember opening one bag.

I made it home and Jesse asked what I purchased. I opened the bag and pulled out the following items:

1) 3 bottles of red wine (I totally buy for the label)
2) 4 (don't worry - slave free/organic/fair trade certified) chocolate bars - they were on sale and I felt like I really needed them
3) A People Magazine
4) A box of 100 calorie mini Swedish Fish
5) $5.99 sunglasses
6) Pink slip on Converse for - get this - $7.48
7) Contact Solution

After going through the bag, I realized that I wasn't doing great... chocolate, wine, shoes and a People Magazine...

I am going to take better care of myself this week...

Oh - and in case you are wondering... I still have two bottles of wine left and took two chocolate bars to a friend's house to share. I did binge eat the Swedish Fish.


neely mcqueen said...

sounds like a good target trip to me! i'll be expecting to see that people magazine when you are done!

Amy Cheng said...

You're so funny. I'm pretty jealous of the slip on converse purchase. Sounds like a really successful trip actually. I think red wine and fair-trade chocolate are staples these days. I sent my husband (who is allergic to alcohol, btw) to the store yesterday to buy diapers and red wine. Poor guy. I can only imagine what kind of weird looks he got.

Carlee Avery said...

You are so my secret sister or what - I TOTALLY buy wine because of the label!! (clearly I'm a wine snob :) AND I have that same housewife wine in the pantry right now! If your ever feeling overwhelmed, pack up the boys (or leave them w/ Jesse) and come over - no seriously, I'm not kidding!
Amy - beats tampons and red wine! I've done that to Chris a time or two.

Sadie Arnold said...

I love it and I LOVE the new shoes, I actually spotted them while you were across the room earlier today. Cute stuff, nice find...I love, love, LOVE those finds! Nice work!

Nancy H said...

Hi Marisa--I'm Mike's mom--love your blog!! And as far as the shopping trip--you're my kind of woman!! Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle next week.

Eve said...

This post made my day! I don't know if I should laugh or cry with you but I can so relate.

I have gone for a "drive" and ended up at target a few times myself. :)