Friday, July 25, 2008

It's Been a Long Time...

Liam has been quite the photographer lately and seems to think that I (more specifically - my "bottom") am a great subject. He asked me to pose this way - I swear!

Whoa! It feels like I haven't blogged in a while! I have been up to my eye balls in work since mid June and it doesn't seem to be letting up... Here is what I've been doing:

- Remember how I kept posting things about Pictures for a Purpose? Well, lucky for you, it happened. It was a great success but there have been a few lingering things to do while people are ordering. Oh - and if you weren't able to participate, it looks like we are having our 2nd Pictures for a Purpose day on April 18th, 2009. Mark your calendars - if you have one for 2009!

- Finn has had almost constant colds and ear infections for the past few months. He has been on a lot of antibiotics. We went in for his Well Baby Check-up last week. He had just finished almost 3 weeks of antibiotics to try to kill the infection deep within his nose a few days before but had been really grumpy and waking up at night. I thought he was teething. The doctor checked his ears and sure enough - another infection. Now it looks like we are looking at having tubes put into those tiny little ears. I thought that I would be really nervous about something like that but it seems merciful to get his ears fixed and get him off antibiotics.

- Towards the end of Pictures for a Purpose, we started planning our next fundraiser, "Tee Off Against Trafficking" - a charity golf tournament taking place on Sunday, October 5th at 2pm. We are hoping to raise the money needed for the next 2 years of our commitment to World Concern. It has been a lot of work and meetings/play dates, but our planning team is great and I am really excited with how things are going. I will be posting a lot more about this so keep your eyes peeled!

- Liam has been in swimming this past week. He LOVES the water but his teacher is a bit grumpy and not great with her class of 4 boys ages 3 to 5. He still loves the water though!

- My mom came up to visit for about a week. It was a really nice trip. It left no time for blogging though. Liam and Finn LOVED having their "Gaga" here with them and Liam was very sad to see her go. That is the hard part about not having family nearby... Liam seems to recognize that he is missing out on having all his grandparents around.

- I have been able to see a lot of movies! I haven't been to a theater much this past year for obvious reasons but since being around family, I have seen the following. Hancock, Wanted, Hellboy 2, Batman The Dark Knight, Sex in the City (I feel like I might be missing one). I LOVE going to the movies so this has been nice!

- Jesse and I were able to go on two dates nights in a little over a week. We are trying to make up for having ZERO date nights (out of the house) for a long time. We went to see Hellboy 2 (a movie that we really wanted to see) and then Batman The Dark Knight (which we both really loved and wanted to see). It was of course great to be with him without the mini-Jesses tagging along.

- Jesse has been incredibly supportive and helpful with all things Women of Purpose. He has taken the boys so that I can get stuff done, watched them during meetings and sacrificed more than a few evenings with me so that I can get work done while the boys are sleeping. Thank you Jesse.

I will try to be a better blogger next week!


Lisa Diederichs said...

Grumpy teachers ... ugh!

Your picture is beautiful and so are you. Is your hair a bit longer? It looks pretty (which totally insinuates that I think your hair ISN'T pretty when it's short, but that's not what I mean.)

Glad to have you back to the blogging world.


Amy Cheng said...

Wow. So much to comment on...

That's a great photo. Love his artistic angle. :)

I'd put the tubes in too. Poor little Finn. (and poor mommy getting no sleep)

The golf tournament is going to be so crazy awesome. I heard Carlee was doing gift can't miss it. :)