Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm in Serious Trouble

My son Finn... (It feels like there should be an exhale here.) He has just turned one. I knew that he was different from his older brother from the start. He was of course a bit of a blob at first so it's harder to tell, but I knew that he was different. I mistakenly thought that he was "laid back" because he didn't seem like he moved around as much in the womb. I was very, very wrong about him.

As soon as Finn figured out how to drag himself around the room, he was off. He never did seem to love it when I held him but he had maybe resigned to play the waiting game until he was old enough to move. He always watches Liam very carefully.

The day Finn figured out how to legitimately crawl was the same day he figured out how to climb the stairs and scale furniture. It was a rough day for me.

One morning I decided to put Finn in his exersaucer while I finished getting ready. While drying my hair I felt something grab onto my leg. It was Finn. He had somehow gotten out of his saucer. I have seen him do it since then and he makes it look easy. He actually jumps up and to an angle and then wiggles and throws his body weight towards the floor on the other side of the saucer. It takes him a couple of minutes.

Finn has also been able to get through any barrier I have put up at the stairs... gates, the exersaucer, pillows, storage bins. He grabs them and moves them. He tests it. He shakes them. He continues doing this until he finds its weakness. He then exploits this weakness and gets through. It is remarkable to watch.

Finn has also figured out how to get both of his arms out of his car seat. I have tightened them but he still works at it and he can usually free them.

Finn can easily stand up in his bath safety seat. Liam never tried that.

So... here is what I am working up to... Finn apparently escaped from his class in the nursery yesterday at church. I have worked in the nursery on many occasions and I have never seen a child get out. My friends that witnessed it said that he somehow hoisted himself over the tall and wide and impenetrable fence that keeps the babies safe and was last seen speed crawling out of the children's department.

He may be fast, but someone caught him and he was there when I picked him up. I often get the feeling that he realizes that he could leave if he wanted but knows that he would be missing out on something if he did. So he stays at home and doesn't make a run for it.

I can't wait to see what life has for Finny... (and if I make it through.)


Ashley Julian said...

Oh my goodness, Marisa! I can't believe he got over that fence. I wish I could've been witness to that amazing feat!

cheryl said...

Oh my, Marisa! He is quite the escape artist. I wish I could have seen him make a run for it! I feel for you. You definently got your hands full.

Sadie Arnold said...

Oh Finn...I imagine it's only a matter of time for Greyson. I feel like you are describing him exactly, when you explain some of Finn's antics...ahhh, the second child!!! :)