Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mt. Hermon Part 2

Our Dear Friends Seth and Kristina drove down
to hang out with us for part of the week.
Here are some great shots that they took.

Someone finally caught Finn's Stink Eye on camera.

Liam and his Lady Love... Elliott Davis

Are they not the cutest couple ever?
It kind of makes me freak out a little.

I mean, should two 3 year olds look this cute as a couple?

Are they not the most adorable kids you've ever seen?
I love Liam's blue eyes and his,
"I'm the coolest kid ever," look on his face.
I love Elliott's demure smile.
While she is adorable, she is anything but demure.
That's a good thing.

Beautiful Finny.


Ashley Julian said...

too stinkin' cute!

Sadie Arnold said...

Great pics, looks like an awesome time!!!

Jodie Howerton said...

My fav is the one with the drool coming off Finnie;s face....