Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We had a BIG Wedding Weekend

We had a long weekend full of wedding rehearsals, weddings and family participation on our part! The weddings were beautiful but I have to say that I am glad that the weekend is over. Here is a quick rundown...

- Jesse had a wedding rehearsal for the very 1st wedding that HE OFFICIATED! Yes, you read that correctly. Jesse performed the wedding ceremony (as opposed to performing AT the wedding).

- On Friday evening, Pastor Jesse (it just sounds funny for me to say) donned his one and only (Target) suit and I must say that he looked quite handsome (and very pastor-ish.) He did a GREAT job. He started out the ceremony by saying, "Marwidge." (The line from The Princess Bride). He was really nervous and cute up there but made it through and didn't forget anything. We brought the boys with us and had to leave a little bit early but had a chance to hang out for a little bit.His only flub went something like this...
"The, ah, reception is immediately following in the building over there... it is immediately following." (Ha ha)

- We had a wedding rehearsal for another couple on Saturday evening. Liam was in this wedding with six other kids. Crazy.

- The 2nd wedding took place on Sunday night. We had a little bit of a wait between pictures and the ceremony (and I was alone there with the kids while Jesse was at church) but with the help of my friends, we made it through. Liam's white polo shirt was even clean. That is a miracle. Jesse made it for the very end of the ceremony and volunteered to take the boys home so that I could stay and hang out with my friends. I finally took him up on it but admit that I didn't quite know what to do with myself. I ended up having a great time hanging out with some friends (see the shot above) and we did a good deal of dancing. I personally enjoyed the wine and espresso drinks being served.

So, all in all it was fun but I am still recovering!


Jodie Howerton said...

We are so hot! And, out kids are not bad either...:)

Jesse Butterworth said...

Wow. It sounds like your husband's a real peach-uv-a-guy!
You should reward him!)