Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mt. Hermon Shots

Yes, we realize how awesome we are. We can't help it.

Liam in Gigi's glasses looking a lot like Pop Pop.

Jesse and Finny on the Mt. Hermon train to Santa Cruz.

Jesse and Finn on the Santa Cruz boardwalk Carousel.

Baby Cousin Ellie and Gigi
Liam loved Baby Cousin Ellie and was super gentle with her.
He really wants a little sister.

Cousin Ava, Cousin Jill and Cousin Jenna
getting down

Mom Against Kids Tug-a-War
Kids Won.
It was like 100 kids to 20 moms.

All of the Butterworth Cousins
doing Silly Faces
Liam and Finn didn't get the memo.

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