Friday, June 20, 2008

I am Apparently Having a Grumpy Day

Everyone is laughing (everyone being Jesse) at me today because they say that I am a grump. Truth be told, I have been fluctuating between grumpiness and something a little less than grumpy. I don't really have a specific reason for being so grumpy either. This is frustrating for me because I definitely feel wronged somehow. :)... oops! I should change that to a :( face.

I am figuring that I am just tired and a little burned out. I think that I need a little time to myself and there isn't any in sight this weekend. Do you ever feel like this? Am I the only one?

I am sure that I will feel back to normal tomorrow. If not, Jesse may force me out of the house. What a good man.


Sadie Arnold said...

You are too funny...and I'm NOT laughing at you! I absolutely feel like every now and then us Mom's are allowed to have a woe is me day and be grumpy. I often tell Josh, "it must be nice to get to drive in a car and listen to your music & sip your coffe in peace" Just one of the many things I feel are a novelty in his life. :) Tomorrow is a new day and from one Mom to another I pray you get the well deserved break you need soon!

Amy Cheng said...

Oh yes. I definitely have those odd "what's wrong with me?" days. I always know I'll be fine tomorrow...just have to get through today. I hate that though. You don't feel like yourself.