Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pictures for a Purpose ~ This is Your Last Chance!!!

Pictures for a Purpose is coming up THIS Saturday, June 28th. If you have been meaning to sign up, there is still room in the afternoon! Visit our Pictures for a Purpose website and Sign Up Now! There is a $30 sitting fee and then all the pictures you order are ala carte and very reasonable. ALL proceeds go towards Stopping Human Trafficking. (Visit our website for more information). Our photographers are REALLY great. We are seriously lucky to have them! Take a look at their work...


Greg & Kara H said...

Hey Marisa! Thanks for the comment on our blog! (glad to know I am not the only "blog-hopper" out there. :) Yes, I do know Jenna! We went to the Nazarene church together, and grew up in same Youth Group. I actually spotted her and your brother in a service last year and was so excited to be able to say hello, and meet their darling little baby! Looking forward to seeing them again in the future!
Also, looking forward to Pics for a Purpose this Saturday! Are there still spots available? I was thinking about sending the link to some mom's on campus. (I work at Northwest University)
Have a great day!
Kara H

Lindsey said...

Well, it looks like I'm not going to get to participate :(. These little guys just are NOT cooperating!! Bummer! Next year, I'm totally there!