Friday, June 20, 2008

My Son Finn

I love this picture of my almost 1 year old Finn for many reasons.
1) He is a fiesty little guy. You can totally see it in this shot.
2) It shows how old he is starting to look.
3) I think that he looks like a major mix of Jesse and I.
4) Finn seriously doesn't care what you want from him or what you think of him. You can see that here.
5) He is already giving is brother a hard time at age almost 1.
6) Liam took this picture of Finn. Pretty good.


jessebutterworth said...

This is my favorite picture of ol' Finny. Leave it to Lee-boy to capture it all in a photograph.

Ashley Julian said...

OMG! He IS looking older! I've been gone too long :(