Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 7 of Liam's TV Detox

We will have completed one full week with very little tv at the end of today. He hasn't had more than two hours of tv (my goal) in one day and often little to no tv at all. It has been a little easier to maintain this because the sun has been out a LOT more and day light savings sure helps. He can play outside or ride bikes so he has been really worn out.

We have also been going through our music library by genre and listening to what I deem as cool. He chooses the genre and I choose the artist. We have been dancing and just generally enjoying ourselves. I love exposing him to what Jesse and I love and seeing what he seems to enjoy... (Beach Boys and Matt Kearney so far...) Finn is a music lover already and has really been shakin it. I love it!

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