Sunday, March 2, 2008

Living with Liam

While 3 1/2 is a tough age, Liam makes it a little easier by making us laugh hysterically. Here are a few Liam-isms to enjoy.

(Liam comes out of the bathroom after going pee-pee and has his underwear off and his hands in his crotch) "I think I'd like to spend the day with my peeny-dong!"

(We had just walked by a rather rotund fellow) "Wow, that guy was squishy!"

(Jesse and I were spelling something to each other so that Liam would not know what word we were communicating to each other. Then Liam chimes in with:) "The B-I-B-I-B. That's the book for me!"

(As I was stepping out of the shower, Liam greeted Jesse.) "Whoa, Dada. You've got a bunch of ickies around your peeny-dong."

(Liam and Jesse were pretending that he was a pilot flying an airplane)
Jesse: "Captain Butterworth, where are you planning to land the plane?"
Liam: "In Seattle"
Jesse: "Is that where you're family lives?"
Liam: "No, they live in Washington"
Jesse: "Isn't Seattle in Washington?"
Liam: "It's complicated."

(Liam accompanied me to the bathroom and was in the stall with her)
"You don't stand up while you go potty, Mama? Is that because
you don't have a peeny?"

(Liam and Jesse were on the "Winnie the Pooh" ride at Disneyland. Jesse was pretending to be afraid of the "Heffalumps and Woozles" part of the ride.) "Don't worry Dada. It's just a bad Pooh dream."

(Liam was eating an ice cream cone) "I love to lick ass-cream!"

(Jesse and I were commenting on how cute Finn's "chubby leggies" looked) "Awwwww, chuggy ladies. Finny has chuggy ladies!"

(He was sitting quietly playing with his trucks when he calmly looked up and said) "Get me a beer." (We are fairly certain that Jesse has never been that demanding).

(Liam had accompanied me to a very crowded airport bathroom where Jesse had to do a very noisy #2.) "Whoa Dada. Those were a lot of tootsies and poo-poos." (the entire bathroom snickered in chorus)


Jodie H said...

seriously, you are in trouble with that kid. He's freaking hilarious....

Lisa Diederichs said...

Oh my gosh ... I just read this blog and laughed so hard! Thanks for the great laugh. Liam is a crack-up!