Saturday, March 29, 2008

Donate Your Breastmilk!

I have been doing a little online browsing and stumbled onto The Breastmilk Project. It is a pretty revolutionary program. As a nursing mom (my son recently told me that I was like a cow), I was especially curious. I don't personally seem to be one of those women that make a ton of extra milk but I have a lot of friends and family that are. (Hint hint hint).

The program goes like this: you pump and store your extra milk. (They will even take milk that has been frozen for up to 10 months). You fill out an online application. They test your blood to make sure that you are a safe donor. They have FedEx ship you a cooler to ship your milk (they ship anywhere in the US). They pay for all shipping costs. You ship your extra milk. They run it through tests and once it is deemed safe, the send 25% of it to babies dying in Africa and use the other 75% here in the US for premature babies. Read more about it on their website. Can a breastfeeding, stay at home mom save lives? Apparently so!!


Linda Vujnov said...

That is a very cool idea even though I have no breastfeeders and was a low producing mom.

Kristina said...

I've already contacted them to see if I will qualify having been on malaria medication within the last year. They said no problem, so we'll cross the other steps once I'm a lactating fiend again in another month or so. :) I was going to donate locally, but this is a really cool opportunity. Thanks for inspiring us all, Marisa. Or as Elliott calls you, "Barissa"