Sunday, March 9, 2008

Liam's TV Detox Day 5

Liam has gone 5 days watching no more than a hour and a half of television a day! I won't even admit how much tv I have let him watch this winter.... cold, rainy days, nursing his brother, mama getting ready, no reason at all. He was a junky! I think that he is getting used to not watching something and he has stopped asking. We have been listening to a lot more music, dancing, going over to the neighbors house, painting, playing, or imagining we are somewhere else. The weather is getting a little warmer these days so he is out riding his tricycle a whole lot. He is also a little better behaved.

Things haven't been too bad on my end. I am a little busier trying to entertain or find art supplies but I love seeing him create! So there you have it!

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