Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sick Days and Snow Days

I put all of our scarves away two weeks ago because the weather was a little warmer and as you know, it's MARCH! We have been stuck at home since Wednesday night with first Finn having the stomach flu and Liam throwing up last night and what do we see while laying on the couch? SNOW! I usually love it when it snows but I am really ready to be outside, go on walks and send my son outside to play in the backyard. While I won't be going out until the boys stop having their food and beverages shoot out of them, it is still a bummer. It's got to warm up sometime though! Doesn't it? Doesn't it!

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Lindsey said...

It SO has to warm up soon!!! I'm so sick of the cold! I'm ready to move back to Texas right now! LOL!

Sorry your boys are sick, I hope they get to feeling better soon!