Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Long Old Girl

Our loving, licking dog Bridget has just been adopted from us. It all happened so fast but I can't help but feel relieved for her and for us... She is going to a wonderful, animal loving family that has fallen in love with her sweet spirit, oddly short tail, smallish size head and most importantly - her need to lick all God's creatures. She apparently sleeps in her new parents room on a brand new bed (we stopped letting her do that a while ago), goes on three walks a day, tags along on every errand and outing, eats a new organic, specially made dog food, had a spa day, a new collar, and has a general run of the house. She is living better than we are - seriously. Our new neighbors let their best friends know that we were looking to give her to a loving family, they took her for a trial run and haven't wanted to let her go. We are so happy for her new found family and all that they have to offer her. So long Bridget Butterworth - Lund (she is not going to Danny and Rachel)! We will miss you!

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