Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Mama

I went to see the movie, "Baby Mama" last night and I thought that it was really good. I obviously don't get out to see movies much these days because the $10 ticket price was a real shocker. It was worth it to just get out of the house. Here is why you should try to see it in the theater.

It's target audience is a 30 something woman. Two 30 something women starred in the movie. It isn't a romantic comedy though there is a little romance. The main character is a smart and funny woman with a successful career. It was #1 in the theaters this weekend even though it was up against another successful comedy. It was super funny with a ton of lines that I will totally try to quote but butcher. Steve Martin was her boss and he was hysterical. I love Tina Fey. She didn't write it but she was wonderful as usual.

I would go into more detail but I was up late and up early and my brain doesn't work on a good day... Bottom line if I am blogging about it while in a fog - it was worth watching!

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