Sunday, April 6, 2008

Liam wants to switch!

After church today my oldest son, Liam told me that he wants to "switch mommies." Jesse confirmed that I had heard correctly and informed me that he had been saying that lately. I then asked him who he would like to be his mama instead of me and he said in an ooey-gooey voice, "Miss Francine." Francine is a friend of mine that is at my MOPS table and goes to our church. She is a wonderful woman and mom to three adorable little boys. Liam thinks that they have the best toys at their house and constantly wants to go over to Miss Francine's. I thought it was just about the toys but apparently he wants something more.

After I said, "Oh! My! Ok..." Liam says, "I want her to play with me and put my pajamas on and be my babysitter." (Picture that said in the same ooey-gooey voice).


I asked, "Well if we are switching things around, who's mom will I be?" Silence... "Well, I guess that I am still Baby Finn's mom, huh?"

Liam rather sharply answers, "No. You won't be Baby Finn's mom."

Well, I am not sure how I feel about all of this... It is one of the most hilarious things that he has come up with for sure but it did sting a tiny bit. I mean, I work hard as a mother! Who does he think my life revolves around? Yeah!

I then remembered all of the times that I have told family, friends, and even acquaintances that I would love it if they could take Liam for the afternoon. I would totally be fine with that. No seriously, take him... I guess that I am getting what I had coming to me.


Ashley Julian said...

Katelyn has said something along those lines to me before too. But she said she would never want to give up her daddy because he's the best daddy in the whole world. Oh and my girls fight over who's going to sit next to Josh at dinner. Sometimes the loser cries.

marisabutterworth said...

That makes me feel better.

Lindsey said...

That's so funny! Don't you just love it when they start saying things like that? I get it from all 3 of my boys! I feel like the world's worst mom!

However, Mrs. Francine is pretty cool!!! She was my oldest's leader at VBC last year and he still talks about her. He saw her Easter for the first time since and he blushed when she talked to him! It was SO cute!