Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh my sweet cupcake!!

If you know me, you know that I have a thing for cupcakes. While I do love eating them, I have realized that for me it is not really about consuming them (I don't really like frosting much but love cake) but just appreciating the beauty of them. They are so artfully made and there is just something so fun about a miniature cake... I love what people can do with frosting... Ah... listen to me go on about them. Yes, I realize that it is a bit ridiculous...

Liam and I watched a little bit of Martha Stewart yesterday (out of character, I know) and she was featuring a Seattle cupcake company. They made the most beautiful cupcakes and Liam started saying that he wanted a trophy. I totally couldn't figure out what he was talking about until the end of the show when Martha mentioned that I should hurry out right away to visit Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle (I am sure that I heard it that way). Liam totally caught the name way before I did.

So, we all drove down to Wallingford (a darling neighborhood in Seattle) this morning and visited Trophy Cupcakes. The store was adorable and the cupcakes were really TO DIE FOR. As a cupcake afficianado, I know. They were delish. I enjoyed the Pink Snowball Chocolate Cupcake (Liam helped), Jesse devoured the Chocolate Chocolate Cupcake, and Liam sampled all of the icing and took bites of them all. I also enjoyed an amazing cup of Hot Chocolate (one of their other specialties at the store). Finn tried a little icing but I helped him decide to stick with his baby food.

Thank you Trophy Cupcakes. You helped turn our dreary, Seattle day into a sweet memory. If you live in Seattle or ever visit, you really should try it. I promise that you will enjoy yourself. Plus their was an amazing smelling Indian Restaurant in the bottom floor of the building that we want to visit next time we head out that direction.


Ashley Julian said...

Ohh, I am a cupcake lover too! I was looking for a cool cupcake place on the web the other day and I don't think this place came up in my search...I 'll have to check it out before we move.

Lindsey said...

I'm with you on the cupcakes! I LOVE THEM!!!! I was wondering if there were any cool cupcake shops around! I'll have to check this out! I think I know exactly where it is and if I'm correct I wanted to tell you that we had some salmon from that same Indian restaurant at the Bite of Seattle last year. It was SO good!

Anyway, back to cupcakes, maybe I can give it a try on Friday, my hubby is taking the day off so we can celebrate my birthday before Awake! Yea! Thanks for the recommendation!